About us

Creative, sustainable
and the face of Brazil

Welcome to EuroRoma!

Here your art has more value and endless creative opportunities.

We are a Brazilian brand of sustainable yarns created from waste from the textile industry. That is right! We recycle tons of these surpluses and turn them into new raw materials in a controlled process that involves collection, development, and distribution, all so you can create, inspire, and discover many possibilities in connection with the environment.

From our
hands to

For us, crafts must be part of all phases of life as a way of rescuing memories, expanding the creativity of sharing intergenerational knowledge. That is why we invite you to walk alongside us and be part of the positive change we are making in the world. Let us be protagonists together? Here, sustainability happens in practice and Brazilian culture is the perfect setting for yarns, colors, for us and for you.

Our Purpose

Make manual arts a driver of ideas, knowledge, and Brazilian cultures in connection with the environment.


We turn waste into creative opportunities to develop the circular economy and promote knowledge exchange that span generations.

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