About Us

The EuroRoma brand belongs to EuroFios company. Since 2004 EuroFios has produced textile articles directed to the craft industry, the manual labor that enriches the life of many people in all of Brazil.

After 2006 it started production of threads and twines with the brand “EuroRoma”. Currently it is the biggest Brazilian producer of ecological twines.

Certified by CEATEXBRASIL, EuroFios demonstrates how much it worries about the environment, after all, sustainability is its first directive.

EuroFios searches, through its threads, to reach working hands who are not afraid to innovate, to transform and use their creativity to make art. They are hands that create, thread by thread, a better Brazil, respecting nature.

Located in the city of Blumenau, state of Santa Catarina, a Brazilian textile industry hub, EuroFios has more than 200 direct collaborators and a team of commercial representatives that cover the whole Brazilian market.

Our Values


To develop, manufacture and commercialize textile products from recycled raw material, servicing consumer needs without compromising future generations.


To be recognized as a sustainable company through recycled raw material utilization usage, by the quality of its products, contribution and environment preservation.


  • Respect for life and environment
  • Commitment
  • Focus on result
  • Common sense and simplicity
Find out why EuroRoma is naturally ecological.